Wk 5- Art Activity- Photo I Documenting Place

I start off my day curling my bangs with my rollers and listening to music. This is my desk where I spend most of my time watching Youtube and Netflix when I should be doing my work.
When I decide to leave my room I go out to the living room to socialize with my roommates (I have 4) and drink my coffee. This is Yana the oldest roommate who is currently in grad school becoming a physical therapist! I usually spend most of my time with her since my other roommates are usually out doing things. Also the plant hanging is mine I’ve had it for a year and its dying because I need to repot it :( My other roommate is an art major and she painted that piece you see in the back.
Then when I’m done eating and such I come back to my room and procrastinate at my desk until I get motivated again, so I light a candle or incense. I love scents and my room smelling good so these are some of my favorite candles and incense at the moment. The pumpkin one in the back is probably my favorite I got it from Marchals. Also, I painted the incense boxes today, the ones you see in the front.
This is my desk at night. I spent today mostly cleaning and organizing my desk. I find that when I organize and make things look good I’m able to think better, it’s almost like my room is a reflection of my inner thoughts. If my room is a mess I’m a mess. I still feel like my desk is a bit cluttered, but I’m working on it
This is the view I had from my balcony as the sun was setting and those are all of our plants. Overall, my days are mostly boring as I do not leave my apartment often.