Wk 4- Art Activity-Architecture and urban planning

  1. I made the dorms off campus to avoid tons of students on campus at once, and make them bigger into more houses of students like Hogwarts. For campus, I put the pyramid in the middle so everyone could see it and put the different colleges into different sections of the school to avoid lots of traveling across campus. For example, nursing, STEM, and nutrition majors are all in one section of the school because they share similar courses. Also, there would be little busses that go around campus to take students to different parts of the school if they really needed to, also those streets where the busses are on could also be scooter/bike lanes. If you stay in one area most of the time there would be parking all around the school so you’d be close to one section.
  2. In my design, there is a computer lab for all the different sections of the school which would give students access to computers, wifi, and laptops to return at the end of the term if they needed one.
  3. I separated the colleges more-so to avoid traveling too much and coming into contact with more people than you need to. Libraries, parking, and dinning was placed in each section to avoid going to different parts of the campus. In the dorms each building has its own computer lab and the dinning hall has different entry points so that students do not all have to crowd in the same area.