What is Art?

At the beginning of the semester, I thought art was subjective or only based on what people were thinking. I also thought art only had a couple of mediums like painting, drawing, watercolor, etc. After hearing, seeing, and learning about many artist's stories the meaning of art has become more blurred to me in a way. Art can be almost anything and everything you want it to be really. In conclusion, you could say I’ve added more knowledge behind what the meaning of art is. The most interesting artist was Micol Hebron and her male nipple art piece. I never realized how art could be so controversial yet so meaningful. Overall, after taking this course I value art more now than I did before, and walking through art galleries will be more exciting now. I hope to incorporate art into my daily life by expressing my feelings through digital art and painting as I find it more soothing.

I am a Biology major hoping to go into the medical field as a Nurse Practitioner. Art could help me a lot in my field by diagramming and drawing out organs and places where the procedures will occur. This would especially help with deaf patients if I had to explain what will happen to them or if they need to explain the area in which they are experiencing pain.

Besides incorporating art into my career I hope to go to more art galleries or exhibitions when this class is over. I’ve learned to sit down and examine every detail of an art piece while possibly discovering a meaning. Since a lot of art pieces reflect one’s feelings, it helps me feel less alone in this world. I love connecting with others over shared emotions, and learning stories or meanings behind the art itself is very fascinating to me. If art completely vanished it would be hard for people to express their feelings since many people have a hard time doing so over text or even saying aloud. Some people like myself need to go to therapy, but art seems to be so soothing. It also connects us more together as humanity which is very important since there is 7.5 billion of us on this earth. Not only does it connect us, but gives others an opportunity in life to succeed or do something they are passionate about. Sometimes it gives artists a way to express the cruel reality of things happening in the world. A past slogan of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) was “a great nation deserves great art”, and I agree with this slogan. Art is very meaningful and others only find themselves having a life, career, meaning with art.

In conclusion, this was one of my favorite courses this semester or even taking at CSULB in general. After this class, I will make a better effort to discover what art means to me and practice other mediums of art.