Wk 12 — Artist OTW — Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Artists: Heather Anacker& Krista Feld-

Media: Fiber, Textile, Weaving, Installations, Ceramics

Website: http://kristafeldartist.blogspot.com/

Anacker and Feld are freelance artists and friends at CSULB. Anacker first went to El Camino College, where she received her Associates in sculpture. Feld first went to Cuesta College, where she received a General Education Certification in Fine/Studio Arts. Then they went to California State University, Long Beach, where they received their Bachelor of Fine Arts in fiber, textile, and weaving.

Anacker and Feld work collaboratively on an Installation called “Dwelling” that displays their tools, materials, and work-life. Some of these materials include Feld’s jars of organic materials like sawdust and herbs that she sometimes uses for dying and texture and Anacker's apron she uses when she works. Many of the colores seen in this installation are raw organic colors mainly because when they dye things like yarn or tapestry they use colors from plants, vegetables, wood, fruits herbs, etc. I especially like Feld’s handmade backpack and her pomegranate tree she has grown from a seedling for 5 years.

Their installation explores the importance of handmade things as well as turning raw materials into everyday used objects. Most of their art resonates as a part of them like Anacker’s apron is a reflection of how far she has come as an artist. She mentions that the more “dirty” it gets the more work she has done and she will stop until the apron is completely covered. Their life is very organic, eco-friendly, and minimalistic.

I think these two artists I have so far resonated the most with. Being a Biology major I care deeply for our planet. I loved how they reuse, make, and transform many of their personable items. They have used tools that their grandparent have used, make healthy dishes that include eating out of dishes they have made and reuse, make backpacks, hammocks, and have a sustainable minimal way of living. I strive to be more like these two girls one day. I think I need to reduce my plastic waste and eat less meat and dairy products.