Wk 12-Art Activity- New Friends

I did not know Jacey at all before this activity, but after I think I got to know her a little more. She's very easy to talk to it almost felt natural instead of forced interaction. I think this is a very nice way to get to know people during the pandemic, and this would especially be helpful in my other classes. The only other way I could possibly think of making new friends is by asking questions in class and engaging because it's almost likely people are feeling the same way. I am in discord in almost every class and it has really helped me connect with my peers. I started off saying that I needed a partner in class, and Jacey so happened to reply to my comment. We exchanged Instagrams because the chat was hectic and I was worried I’d accidentally post my number. Then we exchanged phone numbers through DM on Instagram. I think it worked pretty well despite our schedules, we texted more often than I thought we would. I chose text messages because I knew I wouldn’t look at other social media messaging apps. The only other app I go on maybe more than messaging is Snapchat because all my friends rather use that than texting for some reason. Padlet worked pretty well for me I don’t know of any other application that does the same thing because maybe Prezi, but Prezi can be more time-consuming. Concerning connecting to people in my field, I’ve seen many Instagram pages, Facebook groups, or even Twitter pages that are full of Pre-Med Biology majors like myself. I personally think Facebook groups are more interactive because it gives everyone a chance to reply or speak instead of just the owner of the page. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity, and Jacey if you’re reading this thank you for being so nice :)